Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Overcoming Inhibitions

As you may recall I am not a big fan of Winter, it just doesn't appeal to me at all. But Summer? Summer I love!! I don't care about being too hot, hot is good, the hotter the better! Well after all I do live in England where hot is classified at approximately 25 centigrade/80-ish Fahrenheit. But still I vastly prefer being overheated to frozen to my inner core. I am more than willing to trade lives with anyone who is unappreciative of the toasty climate they live in.

I love Summer for the smell of just cut grass, and because everyone is so much more cheerful, (particularly me!), because you get to have picnics and BBQ's. It is just a terrific time of year. I think everyday in Heaven will be Summer. Which I'll totally appreciate considering my ticket there is assured already.

Today we went with friends to the park, inhaled freshly cut grass and devoured a picnic all while the sun (mostly) shone on us. Thomas lost all his inhibitions and manners and finally succumbed to urinating in the park. Which was a tremendous relief after our last episode and also incredibly humiliating, I mean could I be more white trash? Letting my child pee into a bush in a public park? But I'll never (fingers tightly crossed!) top my Sister in laws story, her eldest child once mounted and climbed to a top of a slide at a park only to swiftly pull his pants down and pee freely down the slide! I guess I'm at least less white trash than that!

Even more entertaining was that the kids had been playing with sticks and exploring beforehand so Eli thought Thomas' pee break a fantastic opportunity for attempting to poke a stick up his backside and then at his wilbs. I have pleasant kids, right? I just quietly hoped any passers by would assume they belonged to the two friends I was with instead. I think he enjoyed his back to nature approach a tad too much and I'm concerned now that he'll want to revel in the joys of the outside toilet wherever we go . Oh well it is at least better than peeing his pants and requires less laundry!

But best of all I love Summer because it does this.........

4 hours at the park+Picnic+2 public urinations=2 very exhausted boys

Long may the sun shine!

3 lovely comments:

AMY said...

That's hilarious! Love the pictures! David often complains about the heat. You would think after a mission in Illinois out in the snow and living in Indiana for two years literally freezing would make him appreciate our sun!

carn family said...

Ahhh...I love when my kids just randomly fall asleep after a long hard day of playing outside! There is nothing better.

Dana said...

Ha, peeing in the park. Yeah, Hunter had to pee outside while we were on vacation, side of the road no less, and now he thinks going out to our backyard is the perfect toilet. It will proabably be a hard habit to break.