Thursday, 1 May 2008

Back in Working Order

So, I just (my birthday was 3.5 months ago) got a Nintendo DS for my birthday from my mum (you'd imagine a mother would be the one dependable person in life who would get your gift to you on time). Yes, I know I am 32 years old but frankly I was running out of reasons as to why hardly any of my clothes are in the wardrobe but instead in somewhat neat piles (lots of them) against the wall by our bed and the very nice people at Nintendo have provided me with a very satisfactory distraction for now. But I will put my clothes away.....eventually! Well probably not but it was a nice thing to imagine for a second or two.

It came with Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and heaven knows I need that after two pregnancies, followed by mostly preschooler company and three years worth of Backyardigans and Diego.

So I did the brain test. The result? 62. My brain is so idle and out of shape it belongs to someone with very possibly not their own teeth or full control of their faculties or even decent bladder control. (Man I paint a pretty picture of being 62 eh?)

So I set about some hardcore brain training that day in a bid to reverse my child-induced brain damage. The next day I took the brain-age test again. The result? 32! My actual age. An overnight success.

Thank you Dr Kawashima, you miracle worker! (I'll avoid taking the test again because frankly I can't face the disappointment, I'm happy enough to know my brain is allegedly functioning just as it should be.)

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Jill said...

I have wanted a DS for so long...precisely for this game. I am the biggest brain dead/spacey person I know these days. (Yea, double your two pregnancies and you may have an idea of how I am faring these days!!!) My birthday is in August...sounds like an appropriate gift. I am amazed at the overnight effect of the game. Maybe I'll just go play it in a Wal-mart for a you think it could have the same effect?