Friday, 30 May 2008

Move Over David Beckham

On Eli's Birthday we ended up taking Thomas out to buy him his very first pair of football boots.

A monumental occasion in any boys life.

(But with the knack we have for matching the XY chromosomes over here this was the first pair of many many many pairs I am sure.)

The kiddo adores football and every other sport for that matter, (he SOOO didn't get that from me!) and due to his constant insistence that we play I have even become a pretty decent player myself (well if managing to consistently kick the ball in a straight line qualifies me as such, which to be fair I think it should, it required a lot of practice).

He could not get his shiny Nike's on fast enough and straight away was requesting Rob put his 'football pants' (we assume he meant shorts but who really knows?) on so they could go play outside.Obviously we had to record this milestone, (even though you can't even see his boots in this particular footballer stance) you know just in case, should he need it for his biography when he's a world famous player earning bazillions of pounds.

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Dana said...

He looks so proud! I bet Hunter would love the shoes too (he seems to have a bit of a shoe fetish).