Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Multi-Purpose Sofa

At Christmastime the kids had some funds to spare so we got them this little Thomas the Tank Engine fold out sofa bed in the sales. It was an instant hit naturally.

Whether for playing a bit of Xbox....................

.......... or catching a movie,

The sofa is slowly changing from a once vibrant blue to a more grimy browny-blue colour but still it is a much utilised piece of furniture in our household.

Today Eli was saying he wanted to go sit on the 'choo-choo sofa', I played along referring to it as 'choo-choo sofa' mostly because when Thomas turned two he probably had 15 words total in his vocabulary (ironically a year on we have a hard time getting him to ever stop talking) Eli on the other hand has been talking like a Trojan (they're well known for their incessant talking right? Whatever!) ever since he turned one (his first word being Tractor, further confirming how much we really are appreciated) it's adorable to have a little one chatter on so much.

Anyhow, Thomas corrected Eli telling him it's not 'choo-choo sofa', I figured he was just doing what we do to him when he says choo-choo when he should say train. So I agreed with Thomas and told him it was a train sofa.

Thomas: "No, it's naked dancing sofa"
Me: (Slightly stunned and hoping I'd misheard) "Naked dancing sofa?"
Thomas: (Matter of factly) "Yes Mummy that's right!"

All I know is zero naked sofa dancing occurs when I'm home so I can only imagine this new naked activity (replacing naked cape racing no doubt) was introduced while I was at work on Rob's watch. Well that's one way to pass the much dreaded time between dinner and bed I guess.

3 lovely comments:

Heidi said...

We call ALL of our sofas "Naked Dancing Sofa".

We're very open.

McNulty Quads said...

What a beautiful family.. and what a funny post! We have two of those sofas (Dora)... my kids love to take off their diapers and run around/jump on them.. I guess ours will be called the "naked dancing sofa" soon too!!! LOL!

Thanks for the laugh and thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet other moms.

Gen McNulty

AMY said...

Mmm...Sounds dodgy to me! :)