Thursday, 8 May 2008


We are currently dealing with an ant invasion. Lucky us. Where? In the garden perhaps? Nope, in the house and even better (and even more hygienic?!) in the kitchen. We have dealt with this before, two summers ago, but unfortunately neither of us can recall what we did to kill (literally) the problem. Last year we didn't have any of our ant friends come to visit us for their summer vacation so we thought our unwanted house guests were firmly in our past. Wrong....again!

Thomas and Eli both think it's tremendous fun to have all of these fun 'ant pets'. I'm glad they are so easily pleased. Rob gets itchy all over whenever he comes across one but me, I am totally unfazed after turning up in San Antonio to work at EFY and being greeted and given a can of Raid to kill any unwanted visitors that might be in my bed for the duration of my two week stay. Delightful, and what a welcome!

So we're left with tackling the invasion all over again. (Which currently involves killing each one at first glance.) Now if only I could get Eli to stop dropping whatever he eats all over the floor constantly I'm sure we'd see success far sooner. But, maybe , just maybe I'll have to call those friendly folks in San Antonio and get them to send me some Raid.

Invasion may be a bit on the dramatic side (so unlike me of course) considering really it's only 6-8 ants a day (which is 6-8 more than I'd ideally require taking up habitation in my kitchen). I'm just simply not up to scratch on what is actually defined as an invasion and what clearly isn't. But I feel invaded so I'll continue to refer to it in such dramatic terms, I just wouldn't be me otherwise.

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Shannon said...

Ugh, I'm right there with you! I went to take a garbage bag out of the kitchen garbage can and found one crawling around in there. I also found one in a food cabinet the other day. YUCK! I can't figure out where they're coming from. I've found a few upstairs too. So gross.

Dana said...

Hey, invasion is when you can see a trail of them. We had problems all last summer. My mom uses some stuff called Terro. I got some and it worked pretty good. If you can't find it I'll send you some, just let me know. I bought mine at Lowes for cheap.

Heidi said...

We too suffer from ants. They love my sink. I don't love them.

I have had my exterminators out TWICE to deal with it, but no dice. Now I will fire my exterminators.

Or I'll just call them again to come out.

Sigh. I hate ants.

alisha said...

Were we together during the giant slug invasion of 97? or was that before you came to Leicester? My classroom gets ants all the time which can only mean that kids are smuggling food in and not sharing!