Sunday, 11 May 2008

I love to see the Temple....

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunshine and trekked off for a few hours to the Preston Temple with some friends and their kids to enjoy the grounds. Here is the temple in all it's glory, we're lucky only be 45 minutes away.
Here are our boys (note Eli is firmly grasping Gee-Gee as always) and our friends girls sitting on the steps at the back of the temple, where incidentally Rob proposed to me a million years ago.
Thomas, Eli, Neve and Hannah

Not the best family picture but we get so few taken I thought I had better use it regardless. I'm wishing now that I had actually bothered to do my hair.

The temple spire, featuring the Angel Moroni.

When we arrived I asked Thomas if he could see the temple as we approached. He said "Yes, but I don't see Heavenly Father and Jesus anywhere!" That's what I get for simplifying the explanation of the temple as Heavenly Father and Jesus' house I guess.

4 lovely comments:

carn family said...

What great pictures! It looks like it was a fun day.

AMY said...

I think it's a lovely family pic! Like me, you don't post pics of yourself that often on your blog.

AMY said...

I forgot to say, that temple brings back lots of memories...remember looking all "missionary" like for Elder Holland? Remember the open house? Good times!

Heidi said...

Ah, bless those beautiful boys of yours!

And love, it looks like you showered that day. I say look on the bright side!