Friday, 2 May 2008

Breaking the Habit

People always think I must be joking when I say that I have an annual haircut. But for the last five years or so it has been the complete and total truth. I don't know how I got into this annual habit, it just happened. Generally I'd go along and lose a good six inches and then wait for it to grow back before visiting the hairdresser and requesting the same again and leaving whilst saying 'Same time next year!'. I guess the fact that my hair was just long and straight and not in any particular style really helped me make my one haircut last all year long, well that's good value for money!

But I decided to break my habit and went and got a haircut on Friday despite the fact I had just been in January. Already two haircuts this year and we're only just in May......I must be feeling crazy!

I really like going to the hairdressers though and here is why:

  1. It as close to pampering as it gets for me

  2. I never fail to be amused by how the hairstylists dress. They dress like Beyonce or Britney Spears every single day, there is no shortage of hot pants, halterneck tops, gold jewellery and animal prints at my hairdressers. It could be a freezing cold day but you just know the hairstylists are gonna be dressed in the tiniest items of clothing ever made because heaven forbid anyone take a pair of scissors to another persons hair dressed any other way. Zero dressing for comfort or warmth allowed. It's like a violation of the hairstylists oath or something.

  3. It's the one day I know my hair will actually look good all day long and not just an afterthought pulled into a ponytail.

  4. You get to listen into other peoples conversations, this I could do all day long, every day. I'm inquisitive like that.

My latest trip was extremely enjoyable. I arrived at the salon to be greeted by a lovely oriental boy far more feminine than me, with eyebrows immaculately groomed and more make up than I probably wear in a month, okay two. My usual stylist 'Liv' (Her actual name is Olivia but she told me last time that Olivia just doesn't give the right vibe in her line of work, whatever the right vibe might be) wasn't quite ready for me so the pretty oriental boy took me to wash my hair.

If I could pay someone to come wash my hair and massage my scalp like they do at the hairdressers every single day I would happily forfeit food to fund it, it'd be a small sacrifice. Liv realises that while I am happy to politely chit chat I have no problems with just sitting quietly either (all the better for hearing other peoples conversations after all). She is the girl that attempted to cut Eli's hair so she has had a small but ghastly glimpse into what my life is like on a daily basis so she's very understanding. Pretty Oriental boy obviously isn't so acquainted with me so attempted to make conversation with me during my entire blissful head massage.

"Are you going out this weekend?"

"No." (Politely but hoping he'd get the hint that what I'm looking for is sweet sweet silence)

"What you're not going clubbing?" (What on earth would make him think me a likely candidate for clubbing? I'm 32 and my persona hardly oozes party animal.)

And so we went on, and on, and on. Lucky for him he gave a sublime head massage overall so I could forgive him for the incessant chitter chatter. An hour later I left with my sleek new haircut feeling thoroughly relaxed. Of course the next day it was back in a ponytail but at least I don't have to wait another year before my next good hair day now that I have finally broken my habit.

4 lovely comments:

Dana said...

You've got me beat, mine used to be 2 times a year before I started getting a mom haircut. Now I'm up to about 3-4 times a year. My experience isn't nearly as exciting, since Seth's cousin cuts my hair.

AMY said...

I love it when they massage your head! Where's the picture of the hair-do?

Science PhD Mom said...

I'm on the biannual haircut plan myself. The last time I went was October, and I'm about to break down and go again. I'm just not interested in shelling out $50 every two or even three months. Too many other things that could pay for!

Tom and Sarah Baker said...

Next year you need to post a picture of that perfectly-coiffed hair-do!