Wednesday, 28 May 2008

How to Traumatise a Two Year Old

So as you may well have gathered Eli loves his Gee-Gee (for an explanation of what that actually is click right here). We have 5 of them and over time they all tend to need a bit of a clean, all that Eli love really takes its toll. Two of them were desperate for a wash after being given a little paddle in the remaining milk in Eli's breakfast bowl. Seeming as I was just about to start a load of laundry (Which makes me wonder when I am actually not about to start a load of laundry?) I picked up the two milk soaked Gee-Gee's and put them in the washing machine and pressed start.

Then the hysterics commenced!

You'd have thought it was the end of the world but I guess he must never have noticed Gee-Gee going for a refreshing clean in the washing machine before.

This was the outcome!

I did try to console him with the remaining three Gee-Gee's that had managed to avoid the washing machine trauma but he just would not be comforted. So he pretty much stood, wailed and waited for them to come back out.

Which incidentally I now refer to as the longest hour of my life!

2 lovely comments:

AMY said...

Oh, bless him! I had a similar experience when Addisyn puked on her bear, so I couldn't sneak him in the washer. She cried the whole time, but she couldn't see him. I'm sure that would have made it worse! Poor Eli!

Heidi said...

The best part of that picture is his hair!

Love him and his Gee-Gees!