Wednesday, 7 May 2008


The reason for such jubilation? The sun is shining and it is actually warm. I could not be more happy. We have been basking in the 23 (70 for you Fahrenheit lovers) degree sunshine, which I am well aware compared to many many places is possibly a little bit chilly (but that's the price you pay for grass all year round and something more aesthetically pleasing than cacti in your garden) but for England it is truly glorious. Last year we had a sunny week in April and I rejoiced that a record breaking hot summer must be on the horizon and rushed out immediately and stocked up on sunscreen, shorts and sandals. I should have waited as summer never ever came and instead we got a record breaking rainfall that would have frankly left even Noah severely depressed.

Fortunately the majority of things from last summer can still be well utilised this year so fingers crossed the sun keeps shining but in case it doesn't we're taking advantage of every single minute we can. After living on the verge of hibernation since last Spring (I don't do cold or rain) it is a thrill to be outside and without a hat, scarf and gloves!

So if I don't blog for a while you'll know where I am. But then again this is England so I could very well be back tomorrow and every day for the next 4 months. But I really hope not, bring on the sun!

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AMY said...

I remember to very hot, miserable summers (ok like a month) while I was there. Was it really that hot or just seemed that way because it was always so cold and we were always outside? Anyways, I hope you get your sunshine!